The client need was to create a GiftAPal application for both Android and iOS platforms. In this application we offered the easiest way to send gifts to loved ones using this platform. The client needed a central hub for their customers to send gifts on different occasions like Birthdays, Anniversary or wedding. This application helps people to save time by choosing gift from gift lists directly.

A Sneak Peek

Check out the visual elements of this excellently built mobile app with unsurpassed user interface.


The demand of client was improved user experience and to handle the display of different currency issue on selection. Another challenge accepted by our team was to handle the community networking in this project. Client demand was to manage the lists of gifts as an individual as well as a family group. Latest technology stack is used to develop these apps, Kotlin and Swift for Android and iOS platforms respectively.



Dedicated Team

1 Designer
3 Developers
1 Project Manager

TimeLine of PROJECT

3 months


  • Swift 5

  • XML

  • Core Data

  • Java

  • Firebase

  • Google Maps