Hakeem is a mobile app both for Android and iOS where you may meet reputable doctors in a single place of different categories. It provides an ease of searching a medical specialist in your areas and book an appointment on your preferred time. One can find a doctor and schedule a medical examination using different filters; city, doctor, specialty, hospitals, etc.

A Sneak Peek

Check out the visual elements of this excellently built mobile app with unsurpassed user interface.


We need to cater to performance, scalability, video calling scheduling with customer management. The massive amount of data in the system troubled us taming the website speed. We have to control the website speed for smooth online medical examination. Our expert programmers fixed the issue by using WebRTC for seamless video calling communication between doctors and patients. Latest technology stack is used to develop these apps, Kotlin and Swift for Android and iOS platforms respectively.



Dedicated Team

1 Designer
2 Developers
1 Project Manager

TimeLine of PROJECT

6 months


  • Swift 4

  • XML

  • Core Data

  • Java

  • Kotlin

  • Firebase

  • Google Maps