Mobile app where pet caregivers or pet caring companies can register to grow their business. It allows the pet owners to find and engage a local trusted pet caregiver that suits their pet’s needs.

A Sneak Peek

Check out the visual elements of this excellently built, perfectly functional, responsive mobile app.


The client got our dedicated resources on board to design and develop iOS, Android apps. Possibly an easy project turned critical when it comes to speed optimization. So, page load speed needs to be less than 2 seconds which we managed through a fully optimized database backed with the latest CDN (Content Distribution Network.) The client also wanted a custom-built escrow system for secure transactions, and we did it like a pro. We also integrated GPS tracking system as a fully automated solution.


Manchester, UK

Dedicated Team

1 Designer
4 Developers
1 Project Manager

TimeLine of PROJECT

3 months


  • Swift 5

  • XML

  • Core Data

  • Java

  • Kotlin

  • Firebase

  • Google Maps