In this project, we have to design and develop mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms.The client aimed at transforming all type of businesses by removing the barriers in procurement, sales, management, and marketing using the latest IT technologies.

A Sneak Peek

Check out the visual elements of this excellently built, perfectly functional, responsive mobile app.


Topsun Bazar client needed a new look for mobile apps - everything to more vibrancy to the entire theme with refined app’s interface. One of the biggest challenges was that the existing portal lacks user-friend be revamped. They wanted to addly interface, so we upgraded the technology to Kotlin and Swift. Migration of all data from old to the new website was a tough task to cope with. But, we did it and delivered the project successfully in the scheduled time frame.



Dedicated Team

1 Designer
4 Developers
1 Project Manager

TimeLine of PROJECT

3 months


  • Swift 5

  • XML

  • Core Data

  • Kotlin

  • Firebase