Privacy Policy

It is our undying commitment to make sure that we stand for respect and protection of our customers’ privacy.

The code that we follow to ensure privacy protection is simple and its three key points are listed below:

We only ask for information that is required to serve our customers in one way or another and never ask for information that is unnecessary. It is not our goal to misuse customer data.

We do not share any of our customers’ personal information without their consent and permission. Sharing of information is in consideration only when it is approved or necessary by law or similar constraints.

We ensure that all private information is kept private, even if it requires an initiative within reason on our part. Our focus is to ensure privacy of the personal information our customers have provided us with.

Arhamsoft LLC Privacy Policy

Arhamsoft LLC (“Arhamsoft”) is a provider of an extensive range of software and application development related services to its international, and infrequently local, customer base. It is part of our root policies to ensure respect and protection of our customers’ private information.

Visitors of the Website

Like many other website operators, Arhamsoft collects non-personal information that is typically available through web browsers and servers. This information includes browser type, language preference, referring site and date and time of the visitor’s request. The aim of this collecting is to improve our understanding of visitors’ usage of the website. Hence, Arhamsoft may also publish the non-personally-identifying information.

Collectingand Protection of Personally-Identifying Information

Visitors to Arhamsoft’s website may at some point choose to interact in a way that requires collection of personal information on our part. This may be a simple sign-up for news and updates with email and password credentials or may consist of monetary transactions with additional personal and financial information that is crucial for the processing of those transactions.No matter what the case, Arhamsoft aspires to only gather datathat fulfills the goal of the visitor’s interaction and communication. Arhamsoft does not release information that can be used for personal identification in ways that are not detailed below.The visitors are facilitated with the option to not provide such personal information if they do not wish to do so, with a notice that in doing so they may not be able to fully engage in some specific website-oriented activities such as carrying out transactions as a customer of Arhamsoft.

In the case where the visitor wishes to become a customer of Arhamsoft, the website will ask for information that is additional to a simple sign-up requirement. This information is used to verify and validate the visitor’s identity and as a precaution to avoid fraudulent interactions. The visitors who do not provide such information as asked will not be eligible to become customers of Arhamsoft.

Arhamsoft reveals personally-identifying information only when it is required by employees, contractors and affiliated organizations to process or provide any service to the customers or when they are in agreement of not revealing it to any other party. Arhamsoft will not be renting or selling personally-identifying information to anyone. Arhamsoft will, however,release information if required to do so in case of a court order or any other government request. In case of a customer request, Arhamsoft will keep the right to publish the request so that we are able to adequately respond and also help other customers. We, at Arhamsoft, assure our customers that we take all initiatives necessary within the boundaries of reason to help protect their personal information from unapproved access, usage, modification or destruction.

Privacy Policy Updates

Even though the updates will most probably be small-scale, Arhamsoft may update its existing Privacy Policy at times while choosing to depart a notice only if deemed necessary by solely our preference.Arhamsoft will be publishing the updates to the official Privacy Policy page directly on this website and we highly recommend our visitors to make a habit of frequently checking this page for more updates. This is recommended as customers’sustained use of Arhamsoft’s products even after any update will be deemed as acceptance of all the updates.