An all-in-one, agile Enterprise Resource Planning platform to manage and accelerate your business operations – marketing, sales and administration, etc.

This fully automated and customizable management information system that works smoothly to help companies their ultimate goals of intelligent workflows, operational efficiency and increased customer satisfaction, etc., and produce positive results regarding performance and productivity.


The central feature of this AMS system is a shared database, which supports multiple functions used by different business units within an organization. Get insights into your financial standing, consumer software solution incorporates following primary features.

Inventory Management

Systematically control, manage and monitor both non-capital assets (raw materials and finished goods) and overseeing purchases... – from suppliers as well as customers. Maintain the storage of right stock, at the right levels and at the right cots, control the quantity of products for sale, inventory shrinkage due to spoilage, or other loss, and order fulfillment.Read More

Products Management

Manage products stored in the system, oversee what stock you have on hand, and where it is in your warehouse(s), and determine how... it’s coming in and out. Identify and differentiate product variants, including stock availability, product locations and types, selling rates, profitability, or lack thereof.Read More

Product HRM
Customers Management

Collect, organize and monitor customer data. This customer management module helps businesses capture, research and analyze their consumers-related information such as customer behavior and feedback, buying preferences and demographics to develop and retain a core customer base – mandatory for business growth opportunities.

Sales Reporting

Manage your sales analytics and reports. Analyze the company's sales volume over time and determine the best course of action. Scale with seamless reporting and automation of entire business, and get demand forecasting to metrics to drive your operational efficiency and business growth.

Point of Sale System

A complete solution to manage your sales, products, customer database, transactions and ROI, etc. Improve your operational agility with point-of-sale that is always current with all customizations, flexibility and scalability carried forward to support your business.

Sales Management

Oversee how and where a sale takes place. An automated online ordering module integrated in AMS system with a dedicated sales and account manager help you analyze purchase orders and sales data to make correct business decisions.

MATHLETE – Let’s Play Math!

Mathlete is an online quiz competition platform for students. This innovative platform with an intuitive and mobile-friendly interface is built on the latest technology stack facilitating students to practice, evaluate and improve their academic skills in different categories. They can also participate in various competitions through creative campaigns organized by Mathlete and win amazing prizes.

This highly customizable platform is continuously evolving and the difficulty level keeps on rising with every phase - aiming to prepare the young teens for future careers where they need to cope with the ever-evolving ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and work-life challenges.

  • Online Quiz Competitions
  • Free Practice Mode
  • Grade-Based Quizzes
  • Points System for Rewards
  • Individual Performance Monitors
  • Detailed Analytics & Reporting
  • Sponsorship Partners
  • Online Payments
  • Mobile Applications
  • Comprehensive Support System
Employee Evaluation

Simplify your employees’ evaluation process, setting goals, identifying employees’ strengths and weaknesses, review performance, and engage them where they need to be for better results.

Payroll Management

Track employees check-in/out to mark attendance, handle paid time off, etc., to make payroll and time reporting smooth.

Performance Management

Engage and evaluate your people’s performance and reward them accordingly for their work efficiency and intelligent workflows with improved outcomes.

Appraisals and Reporting

Leverage the performance appraisal cycle integrated with this fully automated, customizable HRM software solution.

Cure Hotline
Lab Test
Lab Test Request

Request for affordable blood tests and securely access your results online. The self-pay option is also available.

Patient Management
Patient Management

Manage and monitor details of medical conditions, treatment plans, video examination, test results and all important information related to patients.

Online Payment
Online Payment

Users can submit online payments for consultancy services they request from certified medical practitioners with absolute security.

Reminder Notifications

Stay ahead with quick reminders on your appointments, prescriptions, etc. Doctors will be notified about new consultation requests and prescription refills, etc.

Blockchain LinkPoint

An open source, fully featured, user-friendly digital currency exchange platform to trade Bitcoins, Monaro, and other major altcoins with multiple digital/fiat currencies. This peer-to-peer, decentralized blockchain exchange platform can exploit the potential of the cryptocurrency protocol completely, to give users the most secure, reliable and private digital coins exchange.


Blockchain LinkPoint is a next-gen, autonomous platform that allows users to securely and anonymously buy and sell multiple digital currencies without depending on a centralized exchange.

Crypto Trading

Swap your currencies with ease – make fast transactions, with no limits and freeze policy. Buy and sell digital currencies with numerous payment options – credit or debit cards, e-wallets, and more.

Wallet Storage

Store your currencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Monaro, etc., using a secure and easy-to-use LinkPoint blockchain wallet. easily buy, spend or transfer your bitcoins and other altcoins, wherever you go.

Smart Contracts

Get full access to blockchain exchange and manage the bitcoin addresses linked to your LinkPoint wallet. Enjoy performance of credible, trackable, and irreversible transactions without third parties.


Fully-secured fundraising tool, which trades future coins in exchange for virtual currencies of immediate, liquid value. ICO is launched by issuing crypto-tokens on blockchain which underpins Bitcoin.

Swift Ryde

A fully responsive, imaginative and interactive car booking app for fast, reliable and convenient rides in minutes. This online-enabled platform is designed to connect passengers and nearby drivers with their own vehicles; helping riders to get rid of waiting for cabs or local transport and possible delays.

In-App Payments

Featuring in-app billing module, this app allows the users to make instant payments upon ride completion; in cash or through credit card linked to their account.

Dispatch &Tracking Panel

From start to finish, aware of each and every movement of the Drivers and Riders with the help of the most efficient tracking system integrated into this mobile app.

SwifT Ride
Interactive Maps

Easily view and organize your favorite locations on the map integrated into the app. Save your preferred destination address like home or work, etc., for instant access while scheduling a ride.

Smart Analytics

Accurate, real-time data about app installations, number of users, daily rides, payments, and demographic distribution, etc. Users will have all information about trips in their app account.

In-App Messages

Riders and Drivers can communicate with each other using messaging facility within the app once the ride is booked.

Fare Calculator

Get a price estimate for your trip. The fare calculator helps you find how much a ride will cost before you reserve it. You can compare prices for trips against different vehicles.

Referral Program

Refer your friends or family, or sign up with a referral code to get discounts on your first ride. As they sign up for Swift Ryde using your code, you'll get cash credits/referral reward for your rides.

Live Chat Support

Chat with Swift Ryde customer service representative and get immediate response to your questions even while taking your ride. You can directly talk to support agents right over the phone.



A full-fledged eCommerce marketplace with a mobile-friendly UI designed to connect buyers and sellers irrespective of the business scale. Online vendors can enhance marketing pipelines, drive more customers and improve ROIs with this... high-load, mobile optimized, enterprise-ready software solution.

Incarto facilitates home-delivered product vendors to improve their online visibility and boost product sales with customized online stores using this progressive web app – available on iOS and Android platforms.
Read More

Vendors Management
Vendors Management

Retailers and sellers can set up their online stores/accounts, add products and sell more effectively to increase revenues. All vendors are managed and monitored under specific categories. The system comes with advanced user management and control.

Products Management
Products Management

Reduce manual labor to save your valuable time, and manage your product data from a single hub. With a flexible PM system in place, all stakeholders will have access to accurate and latest product information at all times.

Customers Management

Track and organize all essential data about your customers and prospects that will help you boost your efficiency and productivity. With the customer management system, you can increase customer acquisition and retention, create additional revenue opportunities, and strengthen brand loyalty.

Inventory & Order Management

Connect the dots across your online sales channel with real-time inventory monitoring and order management. Improve your inventory forecasts to prevent overselling, decrease understocking, avoid dead stock and eliminate shipping errors to save costs.

Actionable Analytics

Leverage advanced analytics algorithms with robust data privacy and security. Measure and analyze your eCommerce performance metrics that matter to better understand customers’ behavior, their buying preferences, and demographics, etc. Harness the power of predictive analytics to increase sales, and repeat purchases, and reduce the likelihood of shopping cart abandonment.

Tasker Pal

An innovative, feature-rich home service platform, built on the latest technology stack, where people can find and hire experts, online – for multi-site facility maintenance, cleaning, auto repair, beauty care and many more. The developed solution is time-saving, scalable and dependable, making it possible for people to search and engage professional home service providers quickly and easily.

User Management
User Management

Track each user and his activities efficiently. The users can get role-based access to application features they are permitted to use after logging into Tasker Pal... as a customer or service provider. The users can perform specific functions as per the roles assigned to them, and user groups they belong to.Read More

Order Management
Order Management

Centralized order repository to ensure perfectly streamlined order processing. Manage and track your online orders for any service in one automated ‘order to on-time ...fulfillment’ system, eliminating errors caused by manual work.Read More

Data management
Data management

A top-notch data management system that enables insightful reporting, predictive analysis and increased renewal rates for improved customer experience. Manage your data from entire order history to expected delivery dates, shipment costs, taxes, and payment handling, etc., across all channels in a single hub.

Stripe-Based Payment Handling

A complete, fully automated online payment processing system for internet businesses. Stripe, a suite of payment APIs, enables the users to release and accept payments in minutes. Service providers can collect their customers' payment information easily and securely on the web or mobile while customers can pay for the experts hired in 135+ currencies.

Alexa Board

An easy-to-integrate, cutting-edge platform for companies to focus on employee management by streamlining all workforces attributes into one business intelligence ...solution to meet strategic objectives. Automate and simplify your HR operations with our easy-to-use and scalable HRM software. Seamlessly connect Alexa Board with your favorite apps you use every day.Read More

HR & Benefits Administration

Manage all your human resource administrative activities, including onboarding employees, attendance management, time tracking, and appraisals, etc., all from a single dashboard.

Resource Management
Resource Management

A centralized, flexible and secure employee database with resource management services that fit your needs - manage recruitment, training, development, performance, payroll, and more.