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ArhamSoft the Symbol of Quality work

The Education Edge is an Educational Institution Management System and has been developed with the sole aim of providing accurately processed data to Management as decision support system. The system successfully addresses various command anomalies that exist in organizational setups and require tremendous paper work and time for implementation. It enables to get solutions for various day-to-day decision making queries with in seconds.

The answers and solutions to such queries are accurate and correct to the best possible level. May it be Human Resource related data or organizational level information; it lies at click of a button or mouse from you. The system rids you of huge un-necessary paper work that costs heavily in terms of time, effort and resources.

It provides speedy access into every nook and corner of the organization. Besides all this, the system provides absolute security and secrecy as well. Without proper designated clearance the system denies access to eavesdropper and un-authorized party cannot extricate data or information.


To provide meaning full data instantly to Organization’s Decision Makers and managers to aid in timely and accurate decision-making and management.


The Biggest advantage of using our system is customization. It can be customized according to your organization requirements. If it does not support any specific need or requirement we can tailor our system to meet your requirements. Making it possible.

Salient Features

  • Client / Server Database Application
  • User defined Setups
  • Online Reporting
  • Mail Merge
  • Online Data Replication
  • Branch based Transactions
  • Bar Codes
  • Web Support
  • Facility to define Unlimited Number of Branches
  • Default Settings (Module Level, User Level)
  • MIS Reports
  • Facility to Centralize the Database
  • Manual Data Replication
  • Integration with Finance
  • User Security

Admission System

Entry Form

  • Document Types (Check List)
  • Subject Tests (for Admission)
  • Applicant Bio data
  • Panel Types
  • Document Types (Check List)
  • Test Grading Criteria
  • Applicant Interviews
  • Admission Forms (Selling of forms / prospectus)


  • Interview Slip
  • Panel Applicants (for Interview)
  • Subject Tests (for Admission)
  • Form Receipts (for Applicant / Office Record)
  • Test Slip
  • Test Grading Criteria
  • Applications Form Detail (with selling price)

Students Profile

Entry Form

  • Religion Information
  • City Area Information
  • Seat Types
  • Forbidden Subjects Combinations
  • Class Information
  • City Information
  • Subjects Offered
  • Session Information
  • Country Information
  • Subject Section
  • House Information
  • Student Bio data
  • Class Subjects
  • Mail Merge (automated emails or printing letters to parents / students)
  • Student Leaving Correspondence detail
  • Class Section Information


  • Listing Reports
  • Student Data Sheet with Snaps
  • House List
  • Envelops Printing
  • Student ID Cards (with Bar Codes)
  • Student Data Sheet
  • Class List
  • Attendance Sheet – Monthly
  • Student Birthdays
  • Student Data Sheet with Contacts
  • Attendance Sheet – Weekly
  • Subjects Combination Report
  • Student Previous Qualification Grades
  • Subjects Combination Sheet
  • Campus Status Report (Overall details about campus)

Fee Billing System / Cambridge Fee System

Entry Form

  • Bank Information
  • Student Fee Plan
  • Fee Particulars
  • Academic Scholarship Policy
  • Scholarship Plan (other than Merit)
  • Re-generate Fee for Applicants / Students
  • Fee Challan Receipt (integration with GL if required)
  • Scholarship Terms (if applicable)
  • Subjects Offered
  • Computer / Science Lab Fee Plan
  • Revised Plan of Academic Scholarship Policy
  • Fee Terms
  • Fee Particular Category
  • Fee Particular Rates
  • Scholarship Plan (Need based)
  • Fixed Scholarship Plan
  • Generate Fee for Applicants / Students
  • Kinship Scholarship
  • Student Attendance Fine Plan
  • Fee Challan Payment Terms (User defined)
  • Student Optional Fee Particulars