I was always into the business and want to have my own start-up. In this regard, I went to my friend, who is the owner of one of the best Banquets worldwide and quite successful. We started our conversation and discuss multiple factors involved in a successful business. He told me about how he takes his earning from $40,000USD to $800,000USD per year with the help of setting his Corporate Website in a right way. Today, I’m going to share some golden tips which can be helpful in the long run of your business growth.

Introduce yourself

This is the first thing everyone wants to know the moment they click on your website URL. Keeping this fact in mind, a proper introduction in easy to understand language (if country specific) is the utmost requirement of successful website. If you do not make it clear that who are you then there is no sense of assuming that the visitors will become your customers; by just looking at the static site page. It works same like in real life; we cannot trust someone by just looking at their pretty faces or attractive 3 piece suits.

Secondly, do not feel ashamed of telling the truth about you or your business as people are more attractive to “Honesty”. Tell them the true story about how you struggled for business or what you are made of. After general introduction, prepare a description for each of the product or service your business is offering and try to make it understandable in a single look!

Focus on Visuals

Probably you’ve heard this line multiple times that “Visuals speak louder than words”, I don’t know how many of you actually believe on this phrase. But, I was always on the view that we are attracted by the appearance first and then focus on the content.

Visuals of Website

Human brain will pick which looks good to eyes

If layout of your website is decent and eye catching then it has the potential to boost up your conversion rate. Visitors will start spending more time on your website than they are spending right now (of course; if the current website design is not good).

Validation and Testimonials

Let’s take an example of making an online purchase from an e-commerce site. A quick question; how will you pick only one pair of shoes out of dozens? Of course, you will view its rating and reviews came from the people who have already bought them. It will give you confidence about the quality of product and ease in your judgment.
Likewise, bunch of testimonials from well-reputed organizations can do the same magic on your business website as reviews and ratings. Do not worry if your business is small and you do not have popular brand names with whom you’ve worked, you may add testimonials from your partner companies. Just make sure they are authentic.


That’s right; I am referring to the section of Frequently Asked Questions as people often ignore it. Website owners do not pay attention towards this section and keep on improving all other aspects. A common person might not know at all about your services/product. They have so many questions and it is kind of turn off for them to write every time in the search bar, that’s why always add a section of FAQs which contains the most common questions people can ask about your business.

As a second step, write the answer of every question in short yet meaningful way so your visitors can understand. It can even enhance their interest in your website.

Call-to-Action Buttons

Do you know why almost everyone is downloading DropBox or getting quotes from Arhamsoft Pvt. Ltd? Although, one of them is product based and the others are services providers but they have one thing in common. Any guesses? You are almost there … It’s because of the placement of “Call-to-action” buttons on their websites which makes their visitors to buy more. Visitors can’t help it but click!

Call to action

An example for good and bad call-to-action button

If you follow any of the aforementioned technique then I can guarantee a clear difference in your visitors and conversion rate. There might be a chance that you are hardworking and putting lots of efforts in your business. Still face same issues; no conversions or response on sales pitch. You need to try out one of them!